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Jamaica Vacation Rentals

Here at Vacastayja we make it our business to find a vacation rental that meets all your needs and goes way beyond your expectations. We ensure your vacation is a success no matter where you stay. All our properties are beachfront, seaside or very close to the Caribbean Sea.

  • Amenities: Enjoy a private or semi-private swimming pool, hot tub, or laundry so you not only have the space to yourself, but you can pack light and avoid unnecessary baggage expense.
  • Freedom: Purchase local produce and experiment with local recipes, or hire someone to prepare authentic, delicious Jamaican meals for you.
  • Value: Don't pay for multiple hotel rooms. Families stay together in a spacious Vacastayja villa, cottage or apartment.
  • Convenience: Our Vacastayja team will gladly assist you by arranging customized guest services such as airport transfers, car rentals, on-line taxis, basic grocery shopping, babysitting, dry cleaning and laundry services. We can also help you organize your special events, including your destination wedding or family reunion and book your tours.


When you stay at a Vacastayja property, loads of experiences will make every trip more memorable than the one before. Several world-renowned attractions and activities are minutes away and nearby restaurants will tempt your taste buds. So what are you waiting for? Book your stay online today with Vacastayja and get ready to enjoy a warm Vacation Stay in Jamaica!