Company and Contact Information

Vacation Stay Jamaica
6372 Raleigh Street, # 1912
Orlando FL 32835
Toll Free: 855-526-7829 (USA)
Tel: (876)507-8706

VACATION STAY JAMAICA (Vacastayja) is a full-service property management company that focuses exclusively on vacation rentals along Jamaica's exquisite North Coast. We provide outstanding professional management to ensure that our rental properties are always occupied and our guests return again and again.

We manages a pool of beautiful, elegant, comfortable and affordable beach access and beachfront apartments, cottages, and villas that cater perfectly to small, medium and large travel groups. Our professional operation is supported by a comprehensive online vacation rental property management system that is optimized for secure online bookings and robust customer relationship management.

We know what it takes to manage a successful vacation rental property. By providing quality homes, cleaned by quality employees, and offering quality customer and concierge services, we have set ourselves apart from the rest.


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